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Does unexpected computer downtime worry you?

Does unexpected computer downtime worry you? When speaking to potential clients I'm often asked what does Managed Dental IT Support give them which is more than what they are getting at the moment, I like to give this as an example. At a current client we have our standard server monitoring in place, the maintenance…
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Tip Tuesday #1

Tip Tuesday #1 DROPBOX Dropbox is an awesome tool that enables you to have your most important files with you wherever you go, if you work across multiple computers Dropbox works flawlessly as a file sync tool & backup tool. I work across 3 computers depending on where I am and use it literally every…
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5 Days of Security Tips

5 Days of Security Tips Day 5 - Backups are you initial defence Don’t risk losing your valuable data. What are your annual costs of lost data when you consider lost employee productivity, lower levels of customer service, and reduced surgery output? Protect your Dental IT systems with reliable backups so you don’t lose money.…
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