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The Number 1 question we get asked

The Number 1 question we get asked When speaking to potential clients, their favourite question is often "What is your Unique Selling Point?" So how do we differentiate ourselves, stand out from the competition, and why should people choose us over other IT companies? It's a question I struggle with because, although we offer a…
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Turn your computers off!

Turn your computers off! Unless there is a practice critical reason why you can't turn off your computer at the end of the day (and if there is why isn't the server handling it?) Shut it down when you finish for the day. The hardware components in a computer are just not designed to be…
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Supporting Systems AND People.

Supporting Systems AND People. When you find you need to, do you dread making that call to your IT support company? Often you know that the call is going to cost you money, and you may not always understand the technical language being used. At Just Tech IT we are passionate about ensuring that your…
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