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When speaking to potential clients, their favourite question is often "What is your Unique Selling Point?"

So how do we differentiate ourselves, stand out from the competition, and why should people choose us over other IT companies?

It's a question I struggle with because, although we offer a fully managed service, so do some other IT providers. Maybe not the same way we do, but certainly their variation of it.

I'm also not the biggest fan of shouting about how much better we are than everyone else. It's just not my style. Instead, I wonder what's wrong with just:

  • Caring about our customers
  • Selling appropriate solutions
  • Being fair and kind in our approach
  • Being nice people
  • Doing the right thing.

These are the things that matter to me, and these are the reasons I want people to want to work with us.

When I created the company almost five years ago, it was about being really good at what we do, while building a reputation for being nice people to work with. I was never interested in stacking up customers by being cheap and cheerful.

Earlier this week I asked ten clients if they wouldn't mind sending over a few words about working with us. Within 24 hours, eight had sent their replies, and other two promised theirs as soon as they could. I was touched by the response as it highlights the great relationships we've built over the years. Also, since we started the business, every single contract customer we've gained has stayed with us. I think these facts speak volumes about what our customers think about working with us. And that says more than I ever could.

So, I guess that's what's different about us. We're good people and good at what we do. If that's our USP, I'm happy with it.


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