Is a Dental Practice ready for Windows 10?

With the release of Microsoft’s latest operating system we are getting asked the question "should I do the Windows 10 FREE upgrade?" Our advice is, yes you probably should, just not yet. Microsoft gave users with qualifying computers a full year to update so there is no rush.

The most important aspect to consider is "do the systems I use support it?" Of the larger software companies SOE have indicated it will probably be 2-3 months before Exact is officially supported, Carestream will be releasing an update in August but only for users running R4+, R4 Classic will not be supported at all, Carestream's Imaging Products will be only be officially supported later in the year and SfD say that version 6 will already work with Windows 10.

And that’s just your software, if you use Digital Imaging solutions such as Durr, Gendex, Schick, Digora, PSPIX etc you need to ensure the software is supported and the hardware has Windows 10 compatible drivers. Although we haven’t seen anything that flat out doesn’t work with Windows 10 yet it’s also worth ensuring that and printers or scanners have Windows 10 compatible drivers before upgrading.

Windows 10 looks like a solid update, it’s visually appealing with some useful features and compared to previous updates offers a simple upgrade experience. However even if one obscure tool or bit of software you use hasn’t updated, it could destroy your workflow. Do your homework and make sure you’re ready. Let others shake out the bugs, Microsoft gave you that full year on purpose. Take as much time as you need, what’s a few months?

If you need help upgrading or are looking to upgrade your hardware later in the year please do not hesitate to contact us using any of the methods below.

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