Secure Email Messaging

Secure Email Messaging is far more than traditional encryption. It’s an information
management tool that enables you to easily protect and control access to your email and
all of the valuable content and confidential information that flows through it.

Secure Email Messaging is a cloud-based encryption and message control platform that’s
easy to use and quickly integrates into any existing private email infrastructure.

Secure Email Messaging enables dental practices like yours to
easily protect, control and manage the exchange of information, even after content has
left the email outbox.


No Technical Expertise Needed
As a cloud-based solution Secure Email Messaging has no hardware to install,
deploys in minutes and requires no outside IT expertise to maintain. Secure
Email Messaging integrates into any existing private email infrastructure including
Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Gmail and accounts provided by your web company. Public email accounts such as, etc are not currently supported.

 Optional Branded Environment
Secure Email Messaging’s secure information management platform is
individually branded to match the ‘look and feel’ of your practice for customers using 3 email addresses or more. For those who only want one 1 or 2 email addresses we can supply a generic unbranded Secure Dental Messaging system.

Controlled communications
Secure Email Messaging delivers maximum control and helps practice staff make more informed decisions. You will know the moment a secure
email was received and read. You get to decide whether it can be replied to,
forwarded or printed by the receiver. If an email is sent accidentally it can be
recalled even after it has been opened.

Proof of receipt
Secure Email Messaging features proof of delivery and prevents false claims of

Protects against risks
With Secure Email Messaging’s intelligent scanning feature you can
automatically prevent the accidental sending of sensitive information that
should not be shared.

As a cloud-based solution Secure Email Messaging significantly reduces costs
compared to in-house solutions, which are expensive to implement and

Reputation management

Secure Email Messaging enables you to build a reputation of trust and security
so that your patients and suppliers feel confident sharing sensitive
information electronically, knowing the data is never at risk.