A professional, easy, and reliable way to communicate with patients

Too many dental practices rely on free online email services such as Hotmail and Gmail to contact with patients. However, this approach is considered unprofessional. Not to mention unreliable.

To boost your professional appearance, it is important to use a business appropriate email service.

To help you to do this, Just Tech uses a method called Hosted Exchange. This offers a flexible and robust email system with many additional benefits:

  • Easy access. Access your email via a PC or Mac, using any standard web browser. You can view emails, calendar, tasks, address lists and public folders, as well as content from almost any other desktop or laptop
  • Mobile viewing. Read, create and respond to emails via your smartphone (or any other mobile device), so you’ll never miss a message when you’re on the move
  • With all inbound email passed through an award-winning email security system, you're protected from any unwanted attention with a network that's kept free of spam and viruses
  • Synchronise your world. No matter where you are, you can create a calendar event, delete an email, or add a contact. And, because these actions are synchronised between devices, you'll never need to repeat the process.


To find out more about Hosted Exchange email, or for a quick chat to find how we can help, contact us and say hello.